Why developer takes longer time to write a document

Documenting is a skill which very scares in a developer. Although even if one is good at it, won’t enjoy doing it as contrast to coding.

So in order to solve this hurdle, I have a 5 point strategy to ease the documentation activity:

  1. Don’t treat documenting as second citizen.
  2. Check for correcting grammar and spellings.
  3. Make sure the content can be understood by all stake holders.
  4. You need to review the document to improve it more.
  5. Well formatted document is more effective then simple plain text.

In order to apply few or all the above strategy you will have to go through the above check list one by one, so give a little more time to developers, since they don’t go through formal training or experience.

This also applies to testers, leaders, product managers etc.

Happy documenting !


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