My hiring lessons

This year i.e 2016 we started hiring. To hire your first employee is always the tough job. We did a good amount to preparation and thinking before going out and making the announcements.

By the way here are the details to apply

Here are my 3 quick lessons that I learnt in one weeks time

  1. Contacts: Your first line of reference in this virtual world is your personal contacts. All the initial application will come to you from your past reputation and your good will. You may find 100’s of likes and share on the social media sites however the applications will always come from the connections. You have to get your hands and head dirty  in search of the talent. So contacts doesn’t go out of fashion like basics.
  2. Wow Effect: You can create a wow effect by mentioning about your culture and sending the personal message out. After sending out our job posting we got some really intimate replies from the friends and well wishers. We were so amazed that a team of 2 can produce such a communication out in public to get compliments on job posting which is not common. We hope the applicant also experience the same feeling of candid message.
  3. Process: You have to set a hiring processing. Even in the micro-business there are possibilities and methods which you can follow. The simple reasons are that your past colleague’s cousin and your old classmates friends needs to go through the same process. This will help you make unbiased talent hiring decisions. Here is our process. Once you read it you will come to know it is not perfect, However it is fairly simple to understand and give us a structure to work with.

Happy Searching!


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