The hard of commitment at work is to fulfil it. There are certain expectations and certain unknowns. We have a be clear from the get-go of what the client is asking for. It means that you get into an uncomfortable conversation and you have to say No at a certain point. The only thing you do is take it upon your ego to prove yourself. There is nothing to prove to anyone. You can only put your best efforts that you are capable of.

At times you will have to put everything less on a halt to work upon the commitment. This sounds crazy but if you fail to do that you may end up tainting your reputation. It is better you share your fears with your business partner, your mentors and even with your team. The more help you can avail of is better for you. The result is not in your hands but the effort and the smart work is definitely in your hand. There could be ways in which you can think about strategies for the situation and take your work to next level and could create an opportunity while doing it.

Whatever has happened to you in life. Whatever hardship. Whatever pain… They pale in comparison to the power you have to choose what to do now.

Effortless by Greg Mckeown

I hate to be pushed against the wall and get cornered. However, life happens against all your plans and deliberation there will be one leak that’s enough to put you off track. You will be afraid and may have to work more than you have planned however there is an inner genius that could come up with a brilliant idea to pull it off.

I don’t know what the future holds for our challenge but I have no choice and work towards solving it.


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