First demo that failed.

The first ever big demo I gave which failed. As silly it may sound, It was a real incident. We were giving a demo for our custom Dot Net web application. As soon as we tested out primary functionality it was not working. I still remember the face of my angry manager. He ask me “What happen?” and my reply was “I don’t know.” He was furious. I don’t know why, but I kept my clam.

Customer did not loose their patience till that point. I had to tackle this situation. I was confident about the code I had written. I thought what best thing can I do here. How can I get out of this problem. I just fired my IDE and started debugging. My Manager had lost his cool now. He said to me “What are you doing?” I had to stand my ground, I replied “Just give me Five minutes.” With in few moment we discovered we had not configured few settings.

Phew! I just smiled and added the necessary configurations. Loaded the Web Application and it was working like charm.The only to thing saved was paitence debugging


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