Introduction to unit testing

At a very early stage in my career I got an opportunity to visit Antwerp. It had been one of my best trip in terms of personal and professional well being. I had an opportunity to work with 2 really great Developer Tim and Kristoff

Here I learn lots of trick in Software development, However the one I can think of was when Kristoff mentioned about Nunit. He mentioned about how it was originated from Junit. How the good developers around the world were embracing it. I felt alienated since I was not aware of it and it was year 2007. However he was convinced that we should be using it and implementing it in great details.

Once I was back to India after the trip, I did my research on it and got more insight. It got me introduced to Kent Beck. Then the journey of the writing more cleaner code and have a safety mechanism to the source code began. I cannot thank enough to Kristoff for been my mentor and helping me during my tenure in Antwerp.

Happy unit Testing!


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