Talk on post “Agile is dead, long live agility.”

There was a post by Dave Thomas (for those who don’t know him he is one of the first 17 signatory in Agile Manifesto) “Agile is dead, long live agility“. There was a another post with difference of opinion by Kevin “Pragdave is wrong. And his advice is harmful“. Out of excitement I tweeted to which Dave replied.

You can find original tweets here. The conversation continues as mentioned below:

You can find original tweets here. Here is my view as an practitioner and enthusiast of Agile:

  1. I understand there are manifesto created 14 years back.
  2. There are many ways to do it Scrum, XP, Craftsmanship etc.
  3. There is a lot of gray area on how to design to agility.
  4. Appreciation of all the support and humble attitude from people like Dave.
  5. I feel even after having abundance of resource we do not have a bootstrap.

Happy Agility!


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