Abundance is the new norm

We have abundance of information to write a right software, starting from great books, online learning, developer’s documentation, stack overflow, team mates, well know practices and many more.

Learning a right way consist of unlearning wrong way. This will be the toughest challenge in hand. But with true inspiration and determination it can be archived. The deadline of existing project is always a challenge.

Here is one tactic to do it. Say you need to make your design simple using design pattern. Spare 1 hour from your existing plan and sit an extra 1 hour for your next new s curve. Plan around 3-4 months time, It may sound to less but it is more the lecture you sat in your college semester for learning C# or Java. As you didn’t expect to become a master after your semester the same rule apply here.


  • Read at least 2-3 design pattern books. It will help you with different perspective, chose easy to read books
  • Watch one series of How to apply design pattern from youtube or any other learning source.
  • Practice Practice and Practice some example without taking any kind of help. This is just to get an idea how this tool can be handy and you know there are multiple tools for different kind of problem.
  • Take a problem suspect in your code base, like large switch statement to inject a design pattern instead of it.
  • Test it individually and then integrate it with complete code base.
  • Keep repeating above 2 steps for rest of your code.

Happy abundance!


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