10 years in Information technology!

Some time last year I had decide to complete around 333 blog post before June 2014 (read the old post here). I managed to complete 83. It at least helped me to like writing posts, reading many articles, asking tough questions to seniors.

But as I was rushing to get the target, I had discussed my idea on how I want to take my blog ahead with my boss. He gave me a great advice, “Your topics on your blog should speak for you.” This was a simple and obvious thought but it was profound to me.

I am really happy to have a technical mentor, some online developer friends, idea on how community works, few well wishers and many other advantage due to my blogging. So I have now change in plans, even though it is not similar to my initial plan of having a target number. I am happy it started with it to get a perspective of blogging.

Wish me luck to my new software journey.

Happy reading!


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