Agile Manifesto over a decade

It has been over a decade few developers got together and coined a name “Agile“. It was definitely a developer centric software development methodology. I am a novice to speak any further about agile movement. I saw different version of Agile manifesto over the past years, I listed 10 of them here.

  1. The Original :
  2. Kent Beck version : He was one of the person in the initial signatory of Agile manifesto. He gave one for Lean Start up read it here.
  3. Uncle Bob’s lead version: He was also one of the person in the initial signatory of Agile manifesto. It was a part of Software Craftsmanship movement :
  4. Agile Scout : They are people who practice agile. This was written as a retrospection after 10 years of Agile movement, read it here.

Let see some opposite views of Agile. I don’t know them so won’t give any brief about them :

  1. Dark Manifesto:
  2. Anti Agile:
  3. Half arsed:
  4. Programming M*****F*****(bad language BIG NO, I am sorry to add a link with this language however he has a point): Obfuscated Url 

And to end up here are few Enterprise version for Agile

  1. IBM : A version by one of the IBM consultant, read it here.
  2. Enterprise : A version by a guy called David, read it here.

I hope you take a full advantage of Agile and consider it as another tool in your tool box.


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