Estimating using Dog points

Estimate each of the dogs below in dog points, assigning each dog a minimum of 1 dog point and a maximum of 13 dog points. It may be hard for you to understand this without a context but in Scrum software development the fibonacci serries of estimation has a refrence to dog points.

A dog point represents the height of a dog at the shoulder.

Dachshund – 1 point

Bulldog – 3 points

Labrador Retriever – 5 points

Greman Shepard – 5 points

Saint Bernard – 8 points

Great Dane – 13 points

Other Dog points for your reference

Terrier – 1 point

Poodle – 1 point

Irish Setter – 5 points

I hope you got an idea about how you can imagine each points are relatively diffrent from each other and easier to estimate. The idea is to work with the natural strength of human mind.

Agile Manifesto over a decade

It has been over a decade few developers got together and coined a name “Agile“. It was definitely a developer centric software development methodology. I am a novice to speak any further about agile movement. I saw different version of Agile manifesto over the past years, I listed 10 of them here.

  1. The Original :
  2. Kent Beck version : He was one of the person in the initial signatory of Agile manifesto. He gave one for Lean Start up read it here.
  3. Uncle Bob’s lead version: He was also one of the person in the initial signatory of Agile manifesto. It was a part of Software Craftsmanship movement :
  4. Agile Scout : They are people who practice agile. This was written as a retrospection after 10 years of Agile movement, read it here.

Let see some opposite views of Agile. I don’t know them so won’t give any brief about them :

  1. Dark Manifesto:
  2. Anti Agile:
  3. Half arsed:
  4. Programming M*****F*****(bad language BIG NO, I am sorry to add a link with this language however he has a point): Obfuscated Url 

And to end up here are few Enterprise version for Agile

  1. IBM : A version by one of the IBM consultant, read it here.
  2. Enterprise : A version by a guy called David, read it here.

I hope you take a full advantage of Agile and consider it as another tool in your tool box.