Can I help you? If yes, here is how:


Help is a very powerful human connection. World had benefited a lot from a helping each other. Help in the form of doing things for you with my skills. Here are few of my skills you can make use of:

  1. I can write some computer code which may be help you automate your small task.
  2. I can brainstorm with you on the design/architecture of your software
  3. I can work with data and help you search few records, Excel and SQL are my strength.
  4. I can teach programming basics to you.
  5. I run a business, so I can share any beginner’s guidance with my hands on experience
  6. I can do research on Internet and find related information and create a report for you.
  7. I can watch a presentation video on YouTube and write notes on take away from it.
  8. I can discuss with you on software project management like Agile and Lean.
  9. I can create simple digital diagrams or how to guide. (click here for example)
  10. I can write a help document for your web based software.

Drop me an email @ My name is Vikram Shetty. Director, 73Bit (

Happy Helping!


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