Our #Bootstrap Startup

Thanks to Shekhar for recently writing this article http://yourstory.com/2015/03/mean-startup-choose-boring/


I have changed the word from Boring to Bootstrap. Because now after running the business for more than an year, I learned one thing for sure startup is not boring. We needed a better word to name this kind of startup we run. We are hear for long haul.

This helps us to answer questions from few of our curious well wishers!

  1. The reason we are currently not raising money from Venture Capital is because we are #Bootstrap Startup and we are self-funded.
  2. Our focus is on add value to clients work, hence we make most of our business decisions focus on benefits to them.
  3. We are in search of clients who find our product useful and help them collect and analyse information with a little more ease.
  4. We are working hard on our web based reporting framework (we will write about reporting framework soon in our company blog) platform named Probench.
  5. In order to build a sustainable business we are helping our clients, our team and associated teams grow together.

Happy Startup!



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