Hello, Artificial Intelligence

Image from Computerworld.com

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most interesting technology, It is one of my favorite subject since my college days. The idea of giving a little brain power to computer to make learned decisions based on some patterns or natural language is pretty awesome. We had our first team member couple of months back and in our culture we give 10% of the office time to work on the pet project. Ajeet wanted to work on implementing AI in a project. As an experiment he wanted to take a part of our product and demonstrate us how can we implement a particular functionality in much easier and efficient way?

To give a background, our product deals with huge amount of qualitative and quantitative data. It is a good case study to implement AI at various levels. He had spent last couple of months very sincerely helping our product to give a new look (help.reportingframework.com). So we have decided to give him full week off to work on his pet project which will give him a break and opportunity to explore AI. So this blog post is a shout out if anyone wants to guide him or tag along with him. They can reach out to him via his Linkedin account or put it in the comments below.

A short bio about Ajeet, He is very excited about AI. He has primarily worked with C#, JavaScript and SQL Server. His favorite programming language is Python. Over last couple of months he also got his hands dirty with tools like Dapper, Sphinx (based on python), MS Test, Gimp, RTools (based on python) and even 1 function in Lisp (Unbelievable! that my college project’s programming language has a part to play in our product). He is planning to use Python.

Wish him all the luck and fun working week holiday (passion is not equal to work!)

Progress: Currently he is exploring nltk and spacy


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