After two years of Entrepreneurship


It feels amazing to be in the business for two years now. Last year was a great landmark for my experience as a Entrepreneur, we achieved a remarkable milestone. The best part of being an Entrepreneur or Businessman is that we can set our own rules and the race is with our own self. Yes there is always the eco-system in which we need to play.


I started my second year with keeping a focus more long term perspective hence we make some hard decision to focus of adding value to the existing clients over short term profits. We also made some improvements in our process and methods of delivering quality software, like dedicating an entire day in a week to improve our product. The action we took and executed swiftly was highly appreciated and all our clients were happy about it. To focus on fewer things and make deep progress was really beneficial for us.


I have always been related to happiness and I look for every opportunity for being happy. Happiness is an abstract thing and different for every one. You cannot have a switch to make one happy. However you can have fun in any situation. If you think enough and use a your creativity you can have fun. Work is separated from fun, I really don’t understand why you cannot have fun while working. Your workplace is where you spend maximum amount of time of your life. Example: When things go wrong, have a laugh with the junior team member and think why there is a loophole in your business for such mistake which could be avoided in the first place.


Freedom is one of the most valuable assets that I leveraged. Be it the number of hours in my office. (I reduced it) The freedom to think of crazy ideas and ways to implement. The freedom to chose the goals and not to get distracted from noise. The freedom to have a healthier life. Also the freedom to work on weekend to help our clients better. Its not that earlier I couldn’t do the above but now I have the choice and freedom to structure my day according to my will. The ownership of my freedom lies in my hand. Having said that, It makes me look like I am making use of my freedom in a very conservative way.


Last year we ran a feedback survey with all our clients. We found really some great insights from them. The area of our strength was our team’s responsiveness to them, which has nothing to do with the core product & service line we offer. Similarly we got a unified answers to the areas of our  product where we can improve. The method we used was a simple Net Promoter Score. Thanks to all the business men/women who came and created all this simple and wonderful tools to run the business more smoothly. Also we started our search for new clients and business development strategy. The methods we opt for is simple and easy to execute. Thus helping us to make progress in right direction.


I often read that journey is more important than destination, but quite never understood it’s meaning. I personally enjoy various experiences over possession of things. So in this journey of business, be it getting new work from existing clients or the tough calls of less work from them. The happy client meeting or the concerns from them. The destination to my journey is not fixed yet but I already feel good about it. The feeling of being in an adventure.

Last year’s post is here

Happy Entrepreneurship!


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