5 Health lessons for an Entrepreneur

Happy New Year 2017!

I am going to talk about the experience I had last year when I became the director of www.73bit.com, it was an unbelievable experience. During that year I had an idea of taking care of my health a little. Simply to loss some weight, however to using some simple hack and make the living changes. I took some tip from a friend who had a dietitian. Even the exercise I selected was all cardio like swimming, walking, climbing stairs and cycle to work. Keeping in mind that all the changes I make in living is simple to follow and sustainable for long term. The food choices were more healthier green and raw. I won’t be specific here because I don’ think I am qualified to mention about anything. Let’s cut to the chase I lost around 10 kg over the period of 11 months and the graph is given below. I am very proud of it because earlier I thought I will be only losing 5 kg. Not only I was able to do that with in 3 months but manage to live it for another several months.


Now coming to the lesson learned of maintaining the weight and keeping the top line in small business

  1. Partners are awesome. The actions we need to take are known to us and the missing piece is partner & team. Both in getting healthier and running my business I had a partner. The milestones were set together, the checks and corrections were made collaboratively. It helps when people around you know what you are aiming for and they can also be a part of journey and benefit from it.
  2. Patience is key. Earlier on the rocket burns a lot of fuel to get it self up against the gravity. Similarly to roll the ball you need the initial inertia and faith that things are going to be awesome. What we focused on was to only concentrate on the actions and measure only 1 factor in out come. One is better than Zero. You can challenge the choice of measuring unit both the weight and top line revenue. However the reason we choose it because it is easy to calculate and shows up every time.
  3. Simple means not easy. The plan and action I took was simple. To keep it continuous for whole year was not easy. There were time when the craving for the Indian sweets or feeling of not answering to that mundane support ticket always came. But the idea to break it down and the thought of fulfilling the simple outcome made me overcome it. I was not successful 100% of the time but didn’t made it slip out of my hand.
  4. Celebrating the small victory. It becomes very important to celebrate all the small victory because keeping the ball rolling is what helps you. It may sound like cliche, but that is how the reality distortion with work in a smaller version. To make the feeling of victory so remarkable just like a child enjoys the sweet candy given to them. There will be definitely milestones in your field which you can attain and if you keep doing hundreds and thousands of time you will achieve your goal.
  5. Make it a growth movement. In case of loosing some weight there are 4 people in my team who lost collectively 55 kg. I am not sure about you but I think that is some weight loss. The idea is to make people around you grow with you. Similarly our clients are happy based on the client survey we conducted and had reached some benchmarks in their goals. We also have the team member who is pretty happy working with us and  has done some good work. The business related achievements are not measurable. We feel good about the business.

The analogy of health is simply to get the measured outcome of weight. However the lessons can be drawn in parallel to the business and make is a success story. I am happy with the results and if the tactics & ideas can help you archive your goals that would be wonderful.

Have a great year ahead! Wish you achieve your dream.


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