Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?


There are many out there who wants to take a leap of faith and get into the unknown of being an entrepreneur or become a leader in their craft. I took that leap couple of years back. I am still in the transition to play my part as an entrepreneur. I must confess that I don’t know all the answers to the question. However I have the curiosity to search for it. One of the way to find is from the person who has already done it.

One of such person is Michael E. Gerber who wrote E-Myth. The Wall Street Journal named the E-Myth the #1 business book of all time (November 2011) having sold millions of copies and has now been applied in 145 countries, in 29 languages and is taught in 118 universities. He has over 40 year of experience.

He has created a E-Myth IQ quiz. What’s your E-Myth IQ? Take this quiz &…

  • Get your customized results chart
  • Become a better entrepreneur through self-awareness
  • Get actionable steps to build a business that works without you.

Take his quiz @ , it has 17 questions.

If you are super fast & want quick results by getting all the answers directly in your inbox add your email by clicking on Click Here.



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