The Art of Failing

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The fear of failure is the biggest mental challenge you have to overcome.

You may not love failing like the rest of the world (including me) but you have to understand that it is a part of the process. If you are on the path of progress you will have to get comfortable with failing. As the famous saying goes the baby that learns to walk will start with a fall. That’s how it is done.

I know it is easier said than done. Only if we could see our failure as a learning step and been an observer to the sad event.

I had my first public failure in my school. There was a speaking activity (I don’t recollect the exact name) after morning prayer at school. Each day one student choose diffrent topic to speak in morning assembly in front of the whole school. On the last day of the week news was read.

Each division from A to E was picked from standard VII to X. There was a pattern our class teacher use to pick, it was only the bright top rank holders from the class were choosen. I was not comfortable because I never got a chance. I felt everyone should get a chance, atleast those who want it. I protested with my teacher. If I remeber correctly she was like it is the reputation of our class and we cannot make mistake by take chances with new students who have never done this before.

If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or for that matter a business person. You will have to take chances.

I persuaded her to give a chance to rank holders 11 to 20. I suggested few names and had to influence few of them. They agree to be a part of this revolt. There wasn’t much support, however our teacher looked of the papers and text that we were suppose to speak the next week.

You guessed it right, it did not went well. When it was my day to speak on the stage. I had to tell the news of the week. In which I was suppose to mention about the recent novel written by Arundhati Roy named “The God of Small Things“.

After the week was over, my class teacher called me infront of the class. I was sure, I am going to get bashed. But she made the point clear of all the things that went wrong. She wan’t so harsh. The biggest mistake was I read the book’s name as “The God of Small Wonder“. It was a serial named “Small Wonder” that came during that time with a robotic girl name Vicky.

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That was humilating but I also felt a sense of pride (I didn’t show anyone). I was very poor in English lanague (I still am, but that’s not stopping me from sharing my story with the world). However I took this scare with pride. As of today, I am confident to speak in front of large audience (on topic I am expert in). I often write articles like this one. I have even co-author and self published an ebook.

The conclusion of this story (my point of view) is that it started with failing and I am still in the journey of learning to do some meaningful work. It may so happen that it will be a never ending process. However the best part is each article is better than last one. Each talk I give, I am more confident.

I have developed a super power “the ability to talk and introduce my self to anyone”. I guess by nature I am extrovert but I had to discover it slowly after my higher studies.

The reason I am writing this story is because I saw a recent movie in which the title of losers was celebrated. The journey of winning a general championship (GC) was thrilling. It was a story of underdog. The most celebrated stories are always of underdog. The part I loved in the movie was in the end they lose. I think the movie was truly made for everyone.

It gives a good example because they are more happier than before. That makes winning and losing insignificant. The effort they put in and the belief they carry to win is what matters.

They won desire to dream, happiness, friendship, memories & confidence.

This was taken 10 years ago. If you can read the print on my T-shirt, it will bring you a smile.

I am still learning to get over micro failures and transform it into learning. It’s an ongoing process and I will continue my journey.

Share this if you think failure is the part of the process.


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