Business Development for a Dance Teacher

This post is for Sonam. She is my sister in law. She is an Bharatanatyam Dancer. Due to the current Covid-19 situation she has changed the way to teaching to online classes like most of the education world has done.

I think Solo Artists like her can use the a combition of mutliple professions to get new students to teach. Here is an idea on the same direction.

Niche Workshop

A workshop is typically a 5 day class in which you learn a specific dance choreography or technique (I am not an expert so it may differ). Now the trick here is to pick a Niche Workshop.

Back to Dance – A workshop to take back to your dancing memories

So your student will have Bharatanatyam skills but are in diffrent profession. Like you would have been a CA. They could be Analyst, HR or any other profession but in the past they use to do Bharatanatyam dance. Some may be doing today as well.

Where do you find your student?

Simple answer is LinkedIn. You will ask but how? Let me show you. There is a search feature in LinkedIn called “Skill: Bharatnatyam” The underline word can be changed to anything other skills. See the example below: undefined

The first person from HR has a skill of Bharatnatyam. There are more than 1000 results and there is another spelling of Bharatanatyam too.

Why will they join your dance workshop?

Because you will offer them a FREE weekend dance workshop preview. In which you will not only take them through the topic of 5 days workshop but also do a live activity that will be similar or part of the actual workshop.

So once you find them send a connection request with the link of the zoom meeting in which you will offer the preview. You can also create a linkedIn post with video of explaing it and mentioning the zoom link in comments fo them to join on Staturday with other details. This post link can be also an invite text when sending the request.

What happens after Preview?

You offer at the end detail about the Workshop and the fees for the same. Those who have enjoyed your preview will join Back to Dance Workshop

How many invite should I send per week?

If we go with the law of average. You have to reverse engineer the numbers. It depends on the number of student you need in your workshop. If you need 5 students. Here is the math with 25% moving forward at each stage.

So for preview you need 20 people, which means you need 80 people accepting your preview invitation, which means you need to send 320 LinkedIn invitation.

Once you do this and you find the numbers don’t match you can recalculate based on your percent of people moving forward in each stage. Mostly with 5 Workshop you should be able to find your number.

I cannot have 20 people in preview, It will reduce the quality

Okay, In that case you can keep 1 workshop per month and keep 3 weekend prior to that for preview so that you can have fewer student in the preview session. You should also charge 30% advance as a booking fee. So that you can know how many more preview you need the following week. That will make you keep the workshop with high quality and few student so that you can pay extra attention.

You can also have 4 such concept per month and run mutliple preview for diffrent audience and thus keeping you busy for whole month.

I hope this was useful to you and the others who are reading it right now. Do the work and let me know the results.


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