Me & My Friends work here

I am writing this post to the new batch of B.Sc.(IT) and B.Sc.(CS) students for Nagindas Khandwala College. We were the first batch of B.Sc.(IT) of the college.

Names of the companies and cities/countries, me and my friends work:

  1. 73bit Limited – Mumbai, India
  2. 73bit Limited – Mumbai, India
  3. JPMorgan Chase – Mumbai, India
  4. Newtrition Plus Health & Wellness Pvt. Ltd – Mumbai, India
  5. Kronix X Ray & Allied Products – Mumbai, India
  6. ABSG United States of America
  7. IDFC First Bank – Mumbai, India
  8. Spark – Auckland, New Zealand 
  9. – Mumbai, India
  10. IBM – Mumbai, India
  11. IBM – Mumbai, India
  12. KPMG – Mumbai, India
  13. Capgemini – Mumbai, India
  14. Travelex – Mumbai, India
  15. AegonLife – Mumbai, India
  16. BNP Paribas – Mumbai, India
  17. TCS – United States of America
  18. Retransform – The Annet Group – Dubai
  19. New York Flim Academy – California, USA
  20. Deloitte – Hyderabad, India
  21. SAP – United States of America
  22. eBay – San Francisco, USA
  23. Westpac – Adelaide, Australia
  24. WorkSafe – Wellington, New Zealand
  25. Optus – Sydney, Australia
  26. JPMorgan Chase & Co – New Jersey, USA
  27. Self Employed – Mumbai, India
  28. BNSF Railways – Texas, USA
  29. Transport for NSW – Sydney Australia
  30. Reliance Capital – Mumbai, India
  31. Cipla- Mumbai, India
  32. Indialinks – Mumbai, India
  33. 3i Infotech – Mumbai, India
  34. IndiaFirst Life Insurance – Mumbai, India
  35. Rustomjee International – Mumbai, India
  36. Aaditya Pigments & Chemical Industries LLP – Mumbai, India
  37. Independent Contractor – Wellington, New Zealand

I hope this was useful for you to learn more about the companies or professions you can work on. If you liked this post and are currently a student. Answer the following question in the comments below

What’s your dream company to work for?



  1. My dream company is to work on Google or in Wipro, Infosys. But initially if I don’t get the chance to work in such companies as I have mention above than definitely I will join some other company and improve my skills and later on I will surely give a try to be selected by those company.

    1. How about you do enough research on How to get in those companies? Spend 10 hours a month for next 3 years to build your skills specific to getting into them. In fact Google has started an online program for making it easier for few roles to apply at Google. Check that out. Google and LinkedIn are good place for such research.

  2. Google is the company i want to join in or else larsen and turbo infotech and this is dream of mine to see my self in the further years working here.

      1. Bhavin there is 3 more years for you. Try both and see in which you enjoy the most and you can revisit the question at the end of year 2. The knowledge you will gain will not go waste as you will be aware we have full stack developers as well.

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