Bad day

You cannot avoid some bad days at work or in your business. They will come, You can’t avoid it, plan for it, skip it, anticipate it. You only have to go through it and face the consequences. It has a special quality it has a spiral down nature to it.

We like to do what everyone else is doing

Seth Godin

Yesterday was one such day for me. here is the list of what all happened

  1. I had a bad night sleep
  2. One of my business development person put her papers
  3. LinkedIn blocked me form using the site
  4. The Google Ads suddenly stopped working
  5. I forgot some important followups

Mental Health

It’s no secret that I have had mental health issues during the lockdown period. I may have not taken any expert advice yet. But I can observe that I am no longer the same person and I deal with emotions differently right now. I am quite vocal about it and have been sharing it with my friends. Even though meditation has helped me to stay a lot clammer and observer my emotions and things while I am not feeling comfortable.

One thing I end up doing during my bad days is to try to save what’s left of it or try to fix it. That may turn out to be a bad decision at times. Like yesterday I immediately tried to book an interview with one of the recent applicant and tried to hire him. I put a hold on the decision.


I think the only thing I can do when having a bad day is observe my emotions and don’t rub it on to others. The next thing you don’t want is to make someone else have a bad day.

What is the impact of this to me in the next 5 years?

I ask myself the above question and more often than not the answer is the same. It will not matter. I continue with the day and do the things that I have in my priority list. Sometimes I watch happy movies and yesterday I watch one movie it was about kid with bad day. It was fun and everyone enjoyed the small joys of life.


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