Clean Code and The Art of Exception Handling

Exceptions are as old as programming itself. Back in the days when programming was done in hardware, or via low-level programming languages, exceptions were used to alter the flow of the program, and to avoid hardware failures. Today, Wikipedia defines exceptions as: anomalous or exceptional conditions requiring special processing – often changing the normal flow… Continue reading Clean Code and The Art of Exception Handling

Hello, Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most interesting technology, It is one of my favorite subject since my college days. The idea of giving a little brain power to computer to make learned decisions based on some patterns or natural language is pretty awesome. We had our first team member couple of months back… Continue reading Hello, Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Kotlin: Android Programming For Humans

In a perfect Android world, the main language of Java is really modern, clear, and elegant. You can write less by doing more, and whenever a new feature appears, developers can use it just by increasing version in Gradle. Then while creating a very nice app, it appears fully testable, extensible, and maintainable. Our activities… Continue reading Introduction to Kotlin: Android Programming For Humans

Work Breakdown Tests

We think Test Driven Development is powerful and It can be used as a tool in a different way to get the distributed product development done. So here is our experiment. This is how it will work. The idea is we will give you a set of Tests and you have to reply us with… Continue reading Work Breakdown Tests

Open Xml + Unable to create mutex

The error which took us a while to figure out to fix. As any mysterious error around this one also took a while to crack it. However the exception was IsolatedStorageException. We weren’t able to find the cause of the error. Isolated Storage:  It is a disk location on server which is used when the processing of document size… Continue reading Open Xml + Unable to create mutex

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Technical Catalog

Teams which does IT Services, Application Development & Maintenance or Mobile development has one thing in common. They get stuck, hit a wall, a problem nags them. Often they come across research for a problems on unknown areas. We need to search about the topic, technical spec, domain, patterns and so on. That’s where there are… Continue reading Technical Catalog

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Real experience of adding first sets of Tests to existing code base

I recently joined a team of very skilled and talented people. We wanted to put in Tests for an application which was running in production for quite some time. I cannot specify the details of the project but it had tens of thousands of line of code in it. It was developed in Microsoft Dot… Continue reading Real experience of adding first sets of Tests to existing code base

Build Server Selection Influencing Factors Part 2

Read the first part of the series here. Team Foundation Build Server How quick and easy it to get started? Team Foundation Build Server has standard windows setup for build server. The installation needs administrative access and Team Foundation Server as a primary source control system. Configuration is done by build configuration wizard in Visual… Continue reading Build Server Selection Influencing Factors Part 2

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