Clean Code : Functions

Some rules for functions: First rule for function is they are small. Second rule they are smaller than that. Lots of smaller function with better names will help you and your team because they will help you like a sign board and navigate you through your code. Don’t worry about function call overhead. It is… Continue reading Clean Code : Functions


Clean Code : Names

Some rules for name: Choose your names thoughtfully. Communicate your intent. Avoid Disinformation. Pronounceable Names. Avoid Encodings (Eg: ucp) Choose parts of speech well. The Scope rules. For variable name with larger scope have larger name and variable name with smaller scope have smaller name. With method and class names it is opposite for method/class… Continue reading Clean Code : Names

Introduction to unit testing

At a very early stage in my career I got an opportunity to visit Antwerp. It had been one of my best trip in terms of personal and professional well being. I had an opportunity to work with 2 really great Developer Tim and Kristoff Here I learn lots of trick in Software development, However… Continue reading Introduction to unit testing

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First demo that failed.

The first ever big demo I gave which failed. As silly it may sound, It was a real incident. We were giving a demo for our custom Dot Net web application. As soon as we tested out primary functionality it was not working. I still remember the face of my angry manager. He ask me… Continue reading First demo that failed.

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My telephonic interview

The skills and attitude that I think got me selected during my first teclephoic technical round of interview is listed below: Confidence to answer the questions. Detail readiness to most common question around that time. Listening and speaking skills during the conversation. Highlighting the key projects during the past experience. Flexibility and Learning apdaption to an new… Continue reading My telephonic interview

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