Hello, Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most interesting technology, It is one of my favorite subject since my college days. The idea of giving a little brain power to computer to make learned decisions based on some patterns or natural language is pretty awesome. We had our first team member couple of months back… Continue reading Hello, Artificial Intelligence



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How to train your Agile

Originally posted on XP2016:
Modern Scrum is a certification-laden minefield of detailed practises and roles. To legitimately describe oneself as a Scrum Master or Product Owner involves an expensive two day certification class taught by someone who in turn took an eye-wateringly expensive Scrum Trainer class, from one of the competing factions of “Professional” or…

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My hiring lessons

This year i.e 2016 we started hiring. To hire your first employee is always the tough job. We did a good amount to preparation and thinking before going out and making the announcements. By the way here are the details to apply http://confiablesolutions.com/wearehiring.aspx Here are my 3 quick lessons that I learnt in one weeks time… Continue reading My hiring lessons

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