This year I have decided on a different approach to reading books. The normal school of thought is to read as many new books as you can. There is another school of thought to read a few books 100 times. I want to give it a shot and only focus on books that will impact… Continue reading Books


The hard of commitment at work is to fulfil it. There are certain expectations and certain unknowns. We have a be clear from the get-go of what the client is asking for. It means that you get into an uncomfortable conversation and you have to say No at a certain point. The only thing you… Continue reading Commitment

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Power of Preperation

I have found this open secret that would help you in any of the important meetings you will attend in future. These meetings are unpredictable, high value and sometimes difficult too. You may remember this as your interviews, sales pitch, proposal discussion, client reviews, contract renewals, mentorship discussion, mastermind groups, keynote talk, Brainstorming ideas, Workshops,… Continue reading Power of Preperation


One of the skills I often see people not using based on their past experience and judgement is anticipation. In more directly language is guessing. The explanation given to me is you cannot predict the future. I agree no one can predict the future but everyone can do a fair assessment of the outcome. We… Continue reading Anticipation

Confidence in Action

When your actions and words are congruent you display a very high level of confidence. The funny thing about confidence is you know you have it but others will only see it in you when you show some results that back your words. These results are cracking big exams, getting big sales, an invitation for… Continue reading Confidence in Action

Bad day

You cannot avoid some bad days at work or in your business. They will come, You can’t avoid it, plan for it, skip it, anticipate it. You only have to go through it and face the consequences. It has a special quality it has a spiral down nature to it. We like to do what… Continue reading Bad day

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My flawless first experience with Fiverr

We created a introduction video for explaining our product. We got a fabulous feedback from friends and colleagues. In this post I will share how did I posted the job at Fiverr and all the details shared to the video producer.   Getting Started Copy of my job Create An Awesome Explainer Video Up… Continue reading My flawless first experience with Fiverr